Did Zayn Malik Overreact During Twitter Feud With Calvin Harris?

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Now that we have some distance and perspective on the whole Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris Twitter feud that erupted yesterday, we wonder if Zayn didn't overreact a tiny bit about the misunderstanding?

It kicked off with Zayn retweeting a comparison of Taylor Swift's perspective on Spotify and iTunes vs. Miley Cyrus' commentary about not sweating selling albums because she's already made money.

Zayn was only addressing his situation with the retweet, not throwing shade – he's made enough money with One Direction and he can make the music he wants (you know, #realmusic, lol). Unfortunately Taylor's quote versus Miley's outlook (which is where Zayn's at) were miscommunicated. Zayn could have absolutely done a better job about stating his case – maybe throwing a little love towards the majority of artists who haven't raked in all that money and not taken the defensive and called Calvin a d**khead.

To be honest, it could have been handled 100 percent better, for sure...on both sides.

Calvin definitely pushed Zayn's buttons by making it about Taylor, which it really wasn't, but Zayn could have taken the high road, better explained himself and come out looking a lot less douchey.

Also, it's clear that Louis Tomlinson doesn't have any love for Zayn any more after their Naughty Boy related feud – since Louis totally sided with Calvin on this dispute.

It all just seems so high school, right? Did Calvin totally back pedal after he realized he misunderstood? Did Zayn come off douchier than ever? He could have made his point better – we get it, he doesn't need to rely on album sales as much as other artists, but you know, name calling doesn't help either.

Fans definitely took sides in the whole shakedown, but we think these tweets sum things up pretty well:
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