What Do Harry Styles, Perrie Edwards Think of Zayn Malik's Taylor Swift Diss?

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Well, we know where Zayn Malik's former bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, stands on the whole feud that blew up between Zayn and Calvin Harris over a Taylor Swift quote.

But what about the other One Direction guys? While Louis subtly favorited a Calvin tweet, the other band members remained silent. We didn't expect them to weigh in, honestly.

Given that Harry Styles is Taylor's ex-bf though, HollywoodLife.com checked in with a source, who said "Harry's kind of worried about Zayn after his Twitter rants," adding, "He thought Zayn's diss to Taylor was uncool and passive aggressive."

Hmm. Go on...

The insider added, "He thinks this may be the beginning of Zayn spiraling out of control after ending things with Perrie. His rants are not a good sign at all, and this won't be good for him professionally either. At this point, 1D would never want a reunion with him because he's just too toxic."

Zayn throwing shade Tay's way reportedly comes from them being enemies since the time she dated Harry, with a source telling HollywoodLife, "When Taylor and Harry dated, Zayn never took to her. He thought she was too goody goody for Harry and acted like she was better than everyone."

Additionally, HollywoodLife writes that Perrie Edwards is reportedly "absolutely horrified" that Zayn dissed Taylor, with an insider claiming, "She's also kind of pleased that now others can see what a jerk he can be and what she had to put up with. Perrie knows he's good at making enemies and always told him not to burn his bridges."

The source noted, "She thinks he's nothing but arrogant and immature for dissing Taylor, who is an absolute sweetheart in her eyes."

We're not sure how much these "sources" really know, so we're taking this all with a giant grain of salt.
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