This Beauty Product Makes Your #NoFilter Photos 'Gram-Worthy

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You know what they say, "A selfie is worth a thousand words." Or is it, "You're only as pretty as your worst selfie"?


LOLs aside, there's a lot of pressure to look good in photos when every. single. second. of your life is documented.

When we found out that there's a beauty product that's meant to make us look more photogenic, we got excited AF. Bring on the magical-unicorn-rainbow serum, please!

It's called NIOD Photography Fluid, Opacity 12 percent ($30, Deciem), and it claims to contain "light refraction technologies, chromatic radiance technologies and camera hue correction technology." In short, it is supposed to brighten up your face, add a natural glow and smooth over imperfections – essentially, putting a filter on your face IRL.
The active ingredients making this happen are light-refracting particles that even out skin tone and reflect light as well as prisms that reduce the visibility of lines and pores by causing a blurring effect. A yellow-red hue corrector evens tone, while "nano-prismatic gold technology" lends a gold glow to your skin, mimicking the way a Valencia filter always makes you look tan on the 'gram.

Sure, it sounds fancy, but there's still one big question: Does it actually work?

We gave it a shot and our selfies did reveal glowy, golden skin with a more even skin tone. Of course, not every blemish was smoothed over, especially snapped at close range. But we did like the way it lent our skin a pretty finished sheen. We tried it solo and worn under a CC cream and felt that it worked better as a base for foundation, rather than worn solo.

Here is a selfie I took before applying the Photography Fluid. I'm wearing mascara and lipstick, because this photo is on the INTERNET, and I can't have on NOTHING:
Here is a selfie I took with the Photography Fluid and a layer of Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream in Light Medium ($38, Sephora) on my iPhone 6:

My face looks more even-toned and glowy. Less harsh color, and it blends some of my freckles and imperfections. I thought the effects were more noticeable on selfies lit artificially (as shown) compared to natural lighting.

The verdict? It won't take you from a 7 to a 10, but it can make you look (and feel) just a little more #flawless. And having your skin look #selfieworthy in real life is totally worth $30.


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