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My Man Crush Monday Is Someone You've Never Heard of

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As many of you know, I'm only a teenager, which means that I'm in love the male actor population, so when I tell you my #MCM, you'll probably have to look him up. But I promise you, he is worth it.

My #mcm is Corey Shain Fogelmanis. This about the time where you Google his name and find very unattractive photos. But really, he is a cinnamon roll. Really. His character on Girl Meets World is a nerd but just recently changed his clothing to be different than his old self. And he just turned 16 on the August 13. So yeah, he's growing up and becoming more of a stud muffin!

Let us take a moment to take in his beauty.

P.S. His photography skills are on point. Check out his personal and photography Instas and his personal and photography Twitter accounts.
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