Ruby Rose Just Officially Won Summer

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If you're not following Ruby Rose on Instagram, you need to start - like yesterday.

The latest dose of awesomeness that the actress gave us are from a backyard party she was having with some pals who rented this massive inflatable water slide.
As if we weren't already envious enough, Ruby shared some videos of herself demonstrating exactly why these things were invented. Bonus points for literally the perfect use of slow-mo.

A video posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

She was also Snapchatting from the party and once she'd fine-tuned her water slide skillz (yep, with a "z"'ll see why when you watch the video), she shared this and made our already intense FOMO reach an almost unmanageable level:

A video posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

"When you're literally obsessed with a slip and slide.. This trick we call the switch lanes," she captioned the video. All right, not the most creative trick title ever, but the trick itself is sick enough to make up for it.

One of her friends shared this video of himself surfing the water slide, which was also pretty impressive:

The slip and slide situation! Thanks @rubyrose for the great times!!

A video posted by Grant Smillie (@smiles01) on

Summer goals, squad goals, water slide goals...they pretty much nailed every known (and probably some that didn't yet exist) 'goals' category. The only thing we DON'T like about this whole situation is the fact that we weren't invited!


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