This Girl Got Dress Coded for Showing Her Collarbone

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We have seen so many crazy dress code rules that we thought nothing would surprise us anymore...and then, along comes this story that did exactly that.

Kentucky student Stephanie Hughes got sent home for wearing this outfit. And we looked and looked and couldn't find a single thing wrong with it. So, how was it a dress code violation? Do they have some rule against wearing bone-colored clothing or something? No, but almost as crazy.

"So this is my daughter at school today. I had to come to the school because according to her school principal what she is wearing is out of dress code and inappropriate for school," her mom wrote on Facebook. "When I got there I found a group of female students standing in the office due to being out of dress code also. This is ridiculous! WOODFORD County High School and the principle have been enforcing a dress code where as girls can not show even there collar bones because it may distract their male class mates. This is ridiculous!"

"Parents are being called away from their important jobs and students are missing important class time because they are showing their collarbones! Something needs to change! PLEASE SHARE MY POST! Something needs to change!" she continued. And people have shared the post. They've shared the heck out of it - with over 43,000 shares and counting.

The post got so much attention that the principal actually said he's willing to discuss an amended dress code. "Received a call from the principal who agreed to meet with me and discuss the dress code even said he would be willing to amend the dress code if I was willing to put together a proposed dress code that was realistic, measurable and professional that everyone, including lawyers could agree too!" she shared in an update.

She also asked for some suggestions from the Facebook community. Hopefully the attention her story is getting will serve as a guideline for other schools with totally outdated dress codes.


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