This App Will Help You Get Over Your Ex in 30 Days

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With all the break-ups going on as of late (we're looking at you Austin Mahone and Becky G), something tells us this app is going to get put to good use.

Rather than hiding away in bed and downing bowls of ice cream, Rx Breakup is giving you another option to get over your ex in just 30 days. The app, which was co-created by therapist Jane Reardon, serves as a guide filled with self-help techniques that are spoken in the tone of a girlfriend.

Rx Breakup kind of does it all. It helps you identify red flags and self-sabotaging patterns to avoid in future relationships, encourages you to embrace your newly-singly life, and gives you a 5 p.m. pep talk daily to get you through the rest of the day, among other things.

Once you've signed up for the app, it dives in on day one and says you must break all contact with your ex, according to StyleCaster. "Here's the deal: any form of contact (think: calls, texts, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter stalking, even pumping mutual friends for info) sets the clock back to day one, reopening the wound," it says. Wow. This really is like talking to a best friend.

Rx Breakup continues to act like a support system until the 30 days are done, and while you might not be fully be over your ex when you've finished the program, chances are you'll feel a little better about it.

Or, you can start the 30 days all over again (no judgment).

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