Watch Zac Efron Play Egg Roulette With Jimmy Fallon

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Just when we thought Zac Efron couldn't get any hotter, he proved he doesn't mind a little egg on his face (literally).

During an appearance on The Tonight Show, the We Are Your Friends star faced off with host Jimmy Fallon for a game of Egg Roulette, with each star cracking eggs on their heads to try to win it.

Before the game began, a dozen eggs were brought out - 8 hard-boiled and raw. For each round of the game, Jimmy and Zac took turns smashing eggs on their heads. The first person who smashed two raw eggs on their head (there was no way to know which was which) lost the challenge.

"I feel like I'm in the last scene of Deer Hunter right now," Zac joked, before picking up his first egg. "I have no fear of eggs," he said, cracking the egg on his head. That one turned out to be hard-boiled, but Zac wasn't so lucky on his next turn when he picked up an egg he had a feeling was raw.

"Aw, no. I already know this one is wet. I loved this suit before," he said with a laugh, cracking it on his perfectly coiffed hair, with the "goop" pouring down all over his head and trickling on to his gray suit.

Jimmy also didn't escape the goop. He ended up smashing two on his forehead and losing the game. We really do love that neither one of them cared about getting a little dirty for the sake of competition. Check out the whole game in the clip above!


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