Did Zayn Malik and Kendall Jenner Get Set Up by Kris Jenner?

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While Zayn Malik and Kendall Jenner have been rumored to be dating (well, after dating buzz flew following Zayn's favoriting a Kylie Jenner tweet), if this goss is to be believed, Kendall's mom, Kris Jenner, is trying to make a love connection.

We suppose anything is possible.

Oh, and since Zayn turned up at Kylie's birthday bash, there are a couple of juicy tidbits (prob fake) to fall out of that too.

According to The Sun (via Mirror), Kris was the one to invite Zayn to Kylie's party so that she could set him up with Kendall. We're pretty sure she doesn't need any help getting a guy (and isn't she dating Nick Jonas?), but whatever.

While we did hear about a little party flirting between Zayn and Kendall, a source tells the paper: "Kendall is actually quite shy and was mortified at her mum being so obvious but eventually she relaxed and was talking to Zayn just the two of them."

The insider added: "Khloe and some friends joined them and clearly Zayn was feeling more confident so he put his arm around her. She looked very surprised at first but she relaxed and put both her arms around his waist."

We call bulls**t, but that's an entertaining story, anyway.

There's also a report that Zayn was kicked out of Kylie's party after 40 minutes...by Tyga. Why? A source who was at the bash told Heat magazine (via Sugarscape), "He said hello and tried to give Kylie a birthday kiss on the cheek. She acted polite, but I think one of Tyga's crew saw what was going on, and told him."

They added, "Then Tyga walked up and got in Zayn's face - I couldn't hear what was said, but he was obviously asking him what he was trying to do. Khloé's boyfriend James [Harden] was standing next to them, and was gesturing like he was saying it would be best if Zayn left, and he did."

So that sounds legit. Or not. Probably not.
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