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The Surprising Thing That Happened When I Went on a Facebook Detox

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Social media is the platform we all use to express ourselves. It depends on how you want to - by posting a picture, a tweet or a status on your Facebook.

I use Facebook more than the others, from spending countless of hours browsing my newsfeed to surveying the groups that I joined. There are times when I wasn't able to open my Facebook due to school, work or other things, but I never let it go for more than two or three days. But, of course, things change.

This all started with me not using Facebook due to work and slow Internet, which lead me to not using it for a few days. Then, out of the blue, I thought why not try it for a month? Since I'm a bit addicted to using Facebook, I thought it would be a challenge.

Here's what happened from June 28 to August 2, 2015.

Week One

It was a bit hard since I was itching to use it, but my work blocks Facebook anyway. I was looking for ways to connect, but I knew that I would lose my own challenge if I found a way, so I resisted. I tried really hard. Since I didn't have access, I figured why not read news on Yahoo? When I was at home, it was much easier to avoid it since I have so many things to do.

Week Two

It was getting a bit easier. I had a routine now. When I was at work, I did the work that needed to be done and read news on Yahoo. If I got bored, I checked what was new on 9gag and Buzzfeed or read books via Wattpad on my phone. You might not believe it, but I got experience Cambio without Facebook!

Week Three

I can honestly say that this week, I became more productive. I think I wrote two to three articles for Cambio, which was a big achievement for me. I also continued to write a story that I had been neglecting and had not given my full attention to. Things got a little harder, too. I had more work than before since I am getting use to my job, so Facebook was not on my mind at all that time.

Week Four and a Few Days After

I had gotten used to not thinking about Facebook and just focusing on what I had been doing that last week: continue writing my story, reading stories, doing my work. When I was at home, I watched videos of Teens React: Gaming from Fine Brothers on YouTube. (Side note: I wish I was one of those teens; that would be awesome. I wonder if they would do a react from people across the world, like a Foreigners React.) I also watched videos of Markiplier. I must say I had fun watching his reaction to Five Night's At Freddy's 4 (I became a fan of his after that) and to a fan-made video of him reaching his 8 millionth subscriber. (When Mark cried, I cried too!)

After a month and a few days of not using my Facebook account, I opened Facebook again for the first time, and I was surprise to see my notifications:
After maybe 15 to 30 minutes of looking into my newsfeed, I got bored. For the first time, I got bored on Facebook. When I logged out, I didn't get the feeling of wanting to check what is happening on Facebook, which surprised me. It surprised me that I can actually not feel that feeling after a month of not opening Facebook.

I must say, if you have an addiction to social media, try not using it for a month and see how you feel about it after.

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