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8 Reasons Why I Love Fall

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With summer coming to an end in a couple of weeks, it seems very appropriate for me to share with you eight reasons why I love fall. Hopefully this will help you get over the nostalgia of summer ending and get you excited for the wonderful things ahead of us.

1. Sweater Weather – First and Most Important

I don't feel like this one needs an explanation, but I'll go with one word to sum everything up: coziness.

2. Boots

High boots. Ankle boots. Laced boots. Flat boots. Just any kind boots. Pair them with leg warmers and everything will feel alright.

3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

They come around for a very short period of time, so any excuse feels right to get one whenever you feel like it.

4. Smells and Flavors

There's nothing like all the autumn spices, baking a bunch of pumpkin-flavored food and smelling the strong, sweet smell of cinnamon everywhere!

5. Apple and Pumpkin Picking

The best autumn activity is definitely going apple or pumpkin picking. Doing both is even better. You can bake some delicious apple crisp, or dip some apple slices in caramel. Whatever you do, going out to pick them yourself is always more enjoyable. As for the pumpkins, carving them is always fun and never a boring time.

6. Halloween

Dressing up and eating candies, that's what I am talking about. Plus, haunted houses and scary stories. Great times!

7. Beautiful Colors

Who doesn't like seeing the trees change colors to bright oranges and big pretty reds and seeing the leaves fall in the streets? It always looks like a movie scene IRL.

8. Holidays

I know that technically the holiday season is at the beginning of winter, but all the prepping happens in the fall. The gift shopping and the holiday music? And, Thanksgiving happens mid-season as well. So really, on top of being a great season, autumn leaves us in a heartwarming way by bringing us all together.
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