Did Kendall Jenner Just Go Blonde?

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What in the world is going on? We're used to Kylie Jenner changing her hair a lot (like ALL the time), but Kendall Jenner has kind of been our rock in this world of changing colors and styles and now she MIGHT have just totally betrayed us.

The brunette beauty has rocked her signature long brown locks for pretty much as long as we can remember. Now, she just threw us all a major curve ball by posting this blonde photo and people are freaking the eff out.

The comments (of which she amassed almost 13,000 within the first hour of posting the photo) range from "Slay Barbie yassssss!" to people begging her to go back to her natural color and everything in between.

The good news for those who can't deal with the color change is that it's most likely a wig. In fact, Kendall has posted a pic of herself with a blonde wig on before and nobody lost their s**t because it was very obvious that she was on set and that the wig was for a photo shoot.

This one is a little more mysterious. She only captioned it "Ken-doll" which we actually thought was super cute. And we think the blonde hair is gorg, so we're cool with it either way.

You do you, Kenny! Whatever you feel like doin'...


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