Florida Woman Claims She Found a Fingernail in Her Taco Bell Nachos

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FOX 13 News
Oh Florida, you never disappoint!

Kailynn Roland and her boyfriend went to Taco Bell to get some late night nachos, as we all do, and they claim their triple-layered crunchy delight had a disgusting fourth layer that would make anybody sick to their stomach.

Kailyn claims that when she got to the bottom of the nachos, she noticed a full-length acrylic fingernail buried in her food. "It's gross, I puked," she told Fox 13.

As if finding a full-on fingernail in your food isn't bad enough, the couple claims that the nachos were a replacement for their first order, which the restaurant apparently got wrong. That being the case, they say they don't know if the fingernail was an accident or retaliation for their complaint.

Knowing the excruciating pain that is involved when an acrylic fingernail comes off (even at the nail salon when they soak it in that stuff), we highly doubt someone would CHOOSE to rip off their own fingernail for revenge, because you're hurting yourself way more than you could ever hurt someone else. So, if we had to guess, we would say it was just an unfortunate accident.

Taco Bell's corporate office told Fox 13 that they are investigating the incident and that they gave the couple $40 in gift cards, which they say they accepted. The couple, however, claims they didn't accept the gift cards.
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