Here's Ansel Elgort Doing Every Dance Craze Since the 1920's

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Let's make one thing very clear. We are really (really REALLY!) glad we are from the generation that gets to call Ansel Elgort one of our resident hotties. However, after seeing this video, we totally think he was born in the wrong decade.

During a behind-the-scenes clip from his Teen Vogue shoot, Ansel did a "Dance Through the Decades" bit where he demonstrated the most popular dance crazes of each time period - while wearing the historically accurate attire.

At the beginning, when he hit us with The Charleston, we were not really sure this whole situation was worth the three-minute time commitment it involved. Tbh, the only thing that kept us around was the fact that he looked so hot. Forget The Charleston, we'd totally sacrifice our computers, cell phones and other modern-day appliances to spend some good old fashioned QT with this:
Fortunately, his hotness did keep us around long enough to enjoy the rest of the video and it was totally worth it, especially when he got to the 1970's. He was all decked out in the obligatory turtleneck, ugly sweater vest and bell bottoms and his moves were poppin'! We know, poppin' wasn't a thing back then, so let's just go with "groovy."

As much as we love Ansel and his noble effort to capture every dance craze, we will admit that he totally failed when he tried to Whip and Nae Nae, but whatever, we didn't hate watching him try!


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