Selena Gomez Wants Nothing to Do With Zayn Malik Because of His Taylor Swift Diss?

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Sisters before misters! Selena Gomez might love her some Zayn Malik, but she cares more about Taylor Swift. After learning that Zayn dissed one of her biggest BFFs, she's reportedly thinking twice about a possible collaboration with him....unless he apologizes to Tay, of course.

According to, Selena thinks it was totally lame for Zayn to diss Taylor on Twitter like he did the other day. Despite the fact that she said she'd love to work with him, she's not into collaborating with someone who dissed one of her best friends. Hey, do you blame her?

"Selena has always been cool with Zayn. She's even considered collaborating with him, but now she's having major second thoughts after he dissed Taylor," an insider close to Sel told the site.

She just revealed that Taylor's always been there for her, even crying backstage when she sang "The Heart Wants What It Wants" at the AMAs last year.

In case you need a refresher, Selena said during a radio interview that she loves Zayn and would be into creating music with him. That same day, Zayn went to Twitter and posted a meme showing Tay's quote and Miley Cyrus' quote regarding music. Swifties went OFF on him, and so did Taylor's boyfriend Calvin Harris. Read more about that feud, here.

Selena apparently was unaware of Zayn's Tay Tay diss, or we're sure she wouldn't have talked him up. The insider added, "Right now, she says there's no way in hell she would work with him on anything."

"He needs to first apologize to Taylor and Calvin, before she would even consider doing anything music-wise with him."

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