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4 Signs You're Addicted to YouTube

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You know when you get an amazing song stuck in your head, so you start to play it on YouTube? Then you see a link to another song, then another, then another, and before you know it, you're watching a cat play piano. Has this ever happened to you? If so, you are addicted to YouTube. And if you don't know for sure, here are four telltale signs.

1. You find yourself saying, "Only one more then I'll go to bed" until 4 a.m.

Trust me, we all understand this. You discovered a new YouTuber, someone falls off of a trampoline to music, a cat chases a bird outside, etc. We've all done this before, especially when someone posts a whole TV series on YouTube.

2. You start wanting to "skip" to the good part for everything. And I mean everything.

You start reading The Hunger Games, but it gets too slow, so you just end up reading Mockingjay.

3. You start to get bored while watching movies and thinking that "It's the longest YouTube video ever."

Once Jack and Rose meet, it's time to skip to the deaths.
4. You watch YouTube on your phone so much that you use up all of that month's gigabyte usage.

Then you end up paying for five extra gigabytes with your money for food.

Those are the four signs you are addicted to YouTube. Are you addicted?
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