Taylor Swift Just Named Her Signature Awards Show Dance Move

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Think your mom is a bad dancer? You might not think so after reading this. Taylor Swift probably gets down just like her, and now she's even named her signature awards show move after all those mamas out there.

On Tuesday, a fan posted to Tay Tay's Tumblr a GIF of the singer dancing at the 2014 Grammy Awards, asking if she had a name for this move.
Taylor was quick to chime in, and admitted that it's called the "mom-croon." She even gave up quite a lengthy definition of the move, just in case you aren't sure what she means.

"To sway, perform, and sing along to a song in an extremely emotional or sentimental way, possibly incorporating hand gestures," she wrote.

"Eyes closed, lost in the music. The way your mom gets taken away by a tune from her high school days, glass of red wine in hand, shuffling around the room as her teenage kids roll their eyes in disdain."

LOL! We've all done that one before.

She also added that anyone who boogies down like her and does the "mom-croon" is totally open to being made fun of.

"Those who know how to mom-croon cannot see the eye rolls of haters. They have reached a level of musical transcendence that is hater-proof," she wrote.

She also instructed fans how to use "mom-croon" in a sentence. "Oh look, Taylor's being embarrassing again – just mom-crooning away in the corner by herself because 'Sometimes' by Britney Spears came on. Oh God. Now she's crying."

Girl needs to be a comedian! Now you know what to call it when you see her getting it on in the audience...or when your mom is getting down. #ThanksTay
Taylor Swift Gives Her Signature Dance Move a Name

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