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When I Graduate, I Want to Use Music to Change the World

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Everyone has a passion in life. Mine is music. I sing and write music, creating my own songs.

I use music as my outlet. It allows me to release my feelings and my thoughts. It can be about anything that I want. Music has always been the one thing that I can rely on to always be there for me, and it's given me comfort since I was little.

My love for music comes from watching people make music as I got older and enjoyed what they were doing. As I have no musically inclined members of my family; this came from celebrities like Hilary Duff and Jesse McCartney. As I got older, I noticed that people like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber used their music to get in touch with people to make a change in the world and their fans with illnesses and other things.

Their work proved to me that I want to make music when I'm older and use it to get in touch with the world. This showed my dreams to me more clearly.

No matter what your passion is, go for it. Let everything your holding in and out and embrace your work.
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