5 Reasons You Need to Go See 'Sinister 2' This Weekend

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After Sinister scared the crap out of just about everyone back in 2012, Bughuul is back to make us sleep with a night light all over again.

This go round in the sequel Sinister 2, Ex Deputy So & So (James Ranson) returns as well, trying to save a mom (Shannyn Sossamon) and her twin sons (Dart and Robert Sloan) from the wrath of Bughuul and his foot soldiers, the ghost kids. The family happens to be living in one of the homes where a horrible murder occurred.

If you'll recall, in Sinister, Deputy So & So realized that the unsolved murders were connected to the houses that the people moved into. In the sequel, when he realizes that that was one of the homes where a Bughuul type of murder was committed, he heads there to burn it down, before discovering there is a family already living there.

Earlier this week we got up our nerves to go check out a screening for the film, which hits theaters today, and it did not disappoint.

Check out the five reasons you need to see Sinister 2 this weekend!

1. The sequel is even creepier than the first.
In Sinister 2, we see more of the films the evil spirit of Bughuul encouraged the ghost kids to make, as they killed their families. Each grainy movie that was shown had a crazy death scene that we're still struggling to get out of our minds. In one, for example, a family celebrating Christmas is tied up and frozen alive outside in the snow.

2. We see way more of Bughuul in this one.
This guy pops up out of nowhere just when you think you have a second to relax while watching the film. You will not only see his face close up, but his whole entire being several times. We jumped out of our seats quite a bit during the film.

3. There's more detail about the mythology behind Bughuul.
While the first film scratched the surface of who Bughuul was and what the mythical being was all about, Sinister 2 delves deeper into that mystery. We not only see many of the kill films, but also get more of the back story of the ghost children he took with him after they killed their families.
4. The film is so scary that not even the 9-year-old actors in it are allowed to see it.
Dart, who had never acted in a horror movie before, said, "I have not seen Sinister, and I don't think my mom will let us see Sinister 2 because it is going to be even more gory and scarier!" His brother, Robert said, "We were allowed to watch a trailer of the first movie, and that was pretty freaky. We only just got to watch our first horror movie, The Sixth Sense, to prepare for making Sinister 2. We were allowed to watch it because my character Dylan Collins, sees ghosts of children and paranormal things – a little like the kid in the movie."
5. This isn't just a story about Bughuul.
It also tells the story of the family, who is living in the house to hide from the mom's abusive husband, who beat her as well as the boys. As they're in the home, the family struggles with the husband's wrath (he is relentless about trying to find them) and also the effects the ghost kids are having on the two young boys unbeknownst to their mom Courtney. It gives the audience a chance to better connect with the family as that storyline unravels as well.

"The drama of what this mom is going through – I'm a mom myself – felt very real," Shannyn said. "I'd done a couple of horror films and really didn't ever want to do another because they're draining, but this script was very good."

In a nutshell, go see this film if you're in the mood for a good scare, and if you haven't seen the first film, make sure to watch it before you view this one, so that you have a better understanding of the storyline.


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