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8 Reasons to Love Miley

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Some consider a trouble maker and a bad image. Some see her as a role model and an activist. And the rest of us see her as Miley Cyrus. And we're giving you eight reasons to love this beauty.

1. Her Style
Miley has always had an edgy look to her that has developed progressively over the years. From the black and daring attire and the smokey eyes of 2010 to the more skin of today, we adore Miley's looks.
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2. Her Music
Shedding her Disney image is proving that Miley is capable of doing things on her own. Her music is one thing that proves she has talent outside the Disney realm. Her music is all her own, singing about haters, heartbreak and not caring about what people think of her.

3. Her Free Spirit
Not giving a damn looks good on her. Everyone freaked when she chopped off her long locks for a short blonde bob, but this was her first in plenty of bold moves. This lead to nudity, sexuality and groping. She's free and herself, and she's making sure everyone knows it.

4. She Holds Family Close to Heart
Family is important to Miley. She always makes sure they're taken care of, and she's quite close to her little sister Noah.
2013 Teen Choice Awards - Backstage And Audience

5. She Stays Positive
Even though there is a lot of negativity in her life from people criticizing her choices, she stays positive about her life and career and keeps an open mind about plenty of things. She's always smiles.

6. She Cares
She does a lot for charity, like The Happy Hippie Foundation, which she founded. It's for injustices of the homeless youth, the LGBTQ and other vulnerable issues among the youth.

7. Her Fans Mean Everything to Her
Miley is always going out of her way to thank her fans and take care of them. They are important to her because without them, she wouldn't be where she is today.

8. She Gives Out Great Advice
In every interview she does, she gives advice for her fans to follow, and it's always great. Her fans take it to heart and put it to use.

Now Miley isn't looking so bad, is she? Shes an international star, and her fans give her more love and support than you can give hate.
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