The Armpit Trend That's Making (Micro)Waves

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Even though Miley Cyrus is proud of her armpit hair (#LongHairDontCare), it doesn't mean that tons of other people have stopped trying to disappear their underarm fuzz.

Luckily for them - and perhaps unluckily for Miley - Miramar Labs revealed last month that its MiraDry System received FDA clearance to remove underarm hair, making this technology the only one FDA-approved to remove hair of all colors there, as well as (bonus!) reduce underarm sweat.

MiraDry has actually been around for a few years now as a treatment for overly sweaty pits, but with this new clearance, Miramar Labs will now launch MiraSmooth, which uses "precisely controlled microwave energy" to permanently remove hair, according to this press release - and unlike laser hair removal, it works on hair of all colors! 🙌

But hold up - did we say MICROWAVES?! Yes, we did. And didn't our moms tell us not to stand too close to a microwave when it's cooking? (We realize all moms don't say that, but trust us, ours did.)

"It's the same wavelength but the delivery method, depth of penetration or range, and safety profile are totally different," Dr. Snehal P. Amin, a board-certified dermatologic surgeon​, told Marie Claire.

He suggests seeking out MiraSmooth at your own risk, but its sister treatment - MiraDry - has been proven to be safe:

"While the safety and efficacy of microwave device treatment for sweating is fairly well established, there is less long-term data on the safety and efficacy of microwaves for hair removal," Dr. Amin told BuzzFeed.

Alright girls, start nuking!


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