Couple Does Newborn Photo Shoot With Dog to Stop Those 'Baby' Questions

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There's nothing worse than when your parents, friends and just about everyone else keeps asking when you and your bae are going to "have some babies."

Instead of shouting 'when we're ready!' couple Abby Lee and Matt Kay decided to take a different approach to get their in-laws to stop asking when they were going to become a family of three.

They decided to do a newborn baby shoot – with their dog, Humphry, acting as the baby. In the hilarious pics, Matt and Abby can be seen doing the typical things we see in most newborn baby shoots with their curly-haired pup.
They push their little Groodle (purebred Poodle and purebred Golden Retriever mix) in an ivory stroller with a loving gaze, cuddle him in their arms like proud parents, hold on to his paws as they walk down a country road barefoot, and there's even a shot where he's wrapped comfortably in a swaddle. We seriously can't stop giggling at these.

The photographer, Elisha Minnette, told BuzzFeed she came up with the idea to do the puppy shoot with Matt and Abby after the couple picked him up for the first time. "Abby and I have the craziest sense of humor and we feed off of each other with ideas," she said.
"The shoot was hilarious," she continued. "Everything went so smoothly. The pup was enjoying every second of it, and all the treats he was getting!"

Elisha also went on to talk about the shoot on her Facebook page, writing, "Making people smile & have a laugh was our intention for these images I posted yesterday of the 'fake newborn shoot with a puppy' and after reading a lot of comments I feel we achieved that. So thank you!! So overwhelmed with how far this post has reached!! Thank you for all the likes, comments & shares!"
We can't wait to see this pup's first birthday party.

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