#SquadGoals: Study Finds That Having Happy Friends Helps Teens Recover From Depression

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There's no getting around it – depression totally sucks. But a new study finds that reevaluating squad goals can help to prevent or even alleviate the symptoms in American adolescents. In other words, there's scientific evidence to prove that including healthy, or non-depressed people in your inner circle can diminish the effects of depression.

According to Pacific Standard, a study conducted by researchers Edward Hill, Thomas House and Frances Griffiths found that "adolescents with five or more healthy (that is, non-depressed) friends have half the probability of becoming depressed over a six-to-12-month period compared to adolescents with no healthy friends."

In addition to having a preventative impact on depression, the study also emphasized how having healthy companions aids in the healing process. The results state that "adolescents with 10 healthy friends have double the probability of recovering from depressive symptoms over a six-to-12-month period compared to adolescents with three healthy friends."

While the study focuses on adolescents, it seems reasonable that hanging with a happy crew can be just as effective on adults who are grappling with the illness. For example, Cara Delevingne recently revealed that her girlfriend helped her cope with depression and suicidal thoughts. "I think that being in love with my girlfriend is a big part of why I'm feeling so happy with who I am these days," Cara said.

Changing your mantra from #NoNewFriends to #AllHappyFriends may not sound like the most profound way of pulling yourself out of a depression-fueled rut, but if there's a chance of improving your health and outlook on life, then it's certainly worth a try.

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