Here's What Happens to Your Luggage After You Check It

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Ever thought your walk to your airport gate was an adventure? Wait until you see what your bags go through.

A video created by Amsterdam's Schiphol airport captured exactly that, showing what happens to your luggage from the time your plane hits the ground until you pick it up at baggage claim.

Essentially, it goes on a 3-minute rollercoaster ride as it makes it's way to the airplane, riding along a conveyor belt in a bin, then it gets dumps out onto another conveyor belt without a bin and continues the ride until a robotic arm picks it up and places it onto another belt for baggage claim pick-up.

Considering the Amsterdam airport handles millions of pieces of luggage per year, it is fascinating that each one goes on that crazy ride and makes it to where they're supposed to be. Still, not all airports are the same, and bags don't turn up on the carousel torn, ripped and banged up for nothing (no shade).

Before and after it goes on that rollercoaster ride, bags are also handled by airport employees who sometimes don't handle the luggage in the delicate way.

Intricate carousel system or not, sometimes the best thing to do is just carry on your luggage if you can manage it.


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