Justin Bieber Reveals His New Song's Lyrics and They're So About a Girl

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Justin Bieber and his famous friends have been teasing us for two weeks about his new song "What Do You Mean?" and the Biebs just finally gave up the tune's lyrics. They're SO about a girl, too. Maybe Selena Gomez? Read for yourself and see.

Justin gave up the track's words the coolest way ever, too. Imagine getting a DM from him on Twitter. That's what he did to 49 fans (including Scooter Braun), and the messages included the lyrics to the song. They had to put them all together to figure the words out, and when they did, Justin posted them on Instagram. After reading the words to "What Do You Mean?" it's obvious that the track is totally about a love interest. That's not really a surprise, though. JB revealed a few weeks ago that the song was about girls being "floppy" and that they "say something then mean something else." We are guessing Selena might've been an influence on this one.

We are diggin' the lyrics. We CAN NOT wait until this track drops. Every famous person in the world has basically promoted it. We're sure it's going to be a banger if all of them like it.

Check out Justin's "What Do You Mean?" lyrics, below. And keep coming to Cambio to hear that bad boy when it drops.

It begins off with a "Tick Tock Tick Tock" shit type thing lik how "Flatline" starts off almost

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