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'Supernatural' Fans Are Gif-Making Experts

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Hey guys!!! My name is Mackenzy Ferguson, and I would like to tell you about the fandom I am a part of. I am sure most of you have heard about Supernatural, one of the longest running TV shows out there, going on its 11th season in October. Yeah, well, this fandom is CRAZY! Not even kidding. We have a gif for EVERYTHING, so if you think your fandom is crazy with the gifs, you have not met my fandom yet.
If you think I am kidding, I'm not. What do you think we do when we are waiting for the new seasons to either get uploaded to Netflix or wait for the new season to air on The Cw? We make new gifs every day. I am not even joking. We are the only fandom out there to have a gif for EVERYTHING.

The cast recently celebrated its 200th episode last year. And it's still going. Thanks to this wonderful fandom. I would like to ask you guys, what is your crazy Fandom all about? Mine is all about gifs. What does your favorite TV show, movie or even book and game fandom like to make? Most people are like, "Well, your fandom can't have a gif for everything." Well you sir, or ma'am, are wrong.
So you stand corrected. See. I'm not kidding. Cray-cray.

Also on the subject of fandom, my fandom also has a habit of making their own new season posters. Not even kidding on this one either. Literally we can take any, ANY season poster and make it into something else. ​​And just so we are clear about how crazy my fandom is about this poster-making business, here is the last and final picture of this post:So that is all about my fandom. I can't wait ​read all about your fandom and how crazy it can be!!!​
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