LOL! Utah Cop Caught Doing the Whip and the Nae Nae in 7-11

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This is totally an example of #firstworldproblems, but sometimes the urge to Whip and hit that Nae Nae is completely overwhelming. That probably explains the actions of Utah police officer Bryson Lystrup, who was recently caught on video doing the popular dance combo in a 7-11 store. The funny thing about the story is he only agreed to do the dance once the store owner promised he wouldn't film it. But somehow, the security camera footage landed in the hands of his colleagues, who shared it on their Facebook page with the most hilarious caption ever.

"WARNING: This video is a little hard to watch," the caption reads. "Unfortunately it does involve one of our officers. We were alerted by the manager of a local convenience store about some suspicious behavior and the security video footage was obtained. To our community and to the internet as a whole, we apologize. We are looking at getting this officer some help ASAP. (Because his timing was way off)."

Well, since we're definitely guilty of getting our dance on in the strangest of places, we're totally not judging Officer Lystrup. And apparently, a few his fellow officers across the nation would agree. Just recently, one of New York City's finest served up the Whip and the Nae Nae at a Brooklyn block party, while a campus police officer did the most fierce Whip and Nae Nae we've seen to date.

Honestly, we get it — stuff like this happens all the time IRL. You're walking down the aisle of your local convenient store when your favorite song begins to play and suddenly the junk food section becomes the stage for your So You Think You Can Dance audition.

For anyone who feels the need to break out your meanest stanky leg on the spot, don't hesitate because clearly, you're in good company.
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