6 Reasons Why Madison De La Garza Reminds Us of Big Sis Demi Lovato

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Is that Madison De La Garza or Demi Lovato because srsly we can't tell anymore. The "Cool for the Summer" singer's li'l sis may only be 13 but she is already her mini-me.

Maddie recently posted a video called "15 Facts About Me!" on her YouTube channel, and we were blown TF away. From her quirky mannerisms to her love of experimenting with her hair color, the beautiful teenager reminded us SO much of her famous sib. See what we mean:

1) "I Really Don't Care" Attitude
OMG, dat smirk and shrug. At the 26-second mark, we see Maddie's "I'm-gonna-do-me" attitude when she explained why she made this video. That self-confidence is taken out of Demi's playbook. When she belted, "I really don't care," she meant it. That obvi rubbed off on her baby sis. Maddie doesn't care about what others think either.
2) Sense of Humor
It looks like Maddie gets her humor from Demi and we can NOT even deal. Her enthusiasm about being a circus performer and selling it to the camera at the 3:19 mark reminds us soooooo much of Demi's camera-stare from her #DevonneYourMan vid.
3) The Look
The dark hair. The dimpled chin. As we watched more and more of the video, it felt like we were watching old Demi clips. Not that there's anything wrong with that at all.
4) Ever-Changing Hair Color
Demi has def influenced her sister in the hair department. While Demi is known for slaying no matter what hair color she's rocking, Maddie discusses at 2:31 how she also loves to hit the dye bottle, "because...why not?" Like big sister, like little sister.
5) Infectious Smile and Laugh
When Maddie is hilariously talking about her "pet cheese" at the 3:28 mark (this girl is just too much, we lurve it!), her beautiful smile shines so bright. It looks just like Demi's! And we can see she has that same HUGE laugh that Demi is famous for.
6) Love of Pranks
Demi loves a great prank (remember that time she "stole" a car?") and Maddie apparently loves to play around, too—except, in her case, the joke was on Demi. Oops! Aaaaand it involves a fart machine. You're gonna die when you see what we mean at 4:09. Sorry, girl, Maddie got you good! "I don't feel that bad about it," she admitted. Ha!
Demi has influenced so many fans by being relatable and confident, and it's so great to see that Maddie picked up those traits as well. If you can't get enough of Demi's twinsie, follow her antics on her IG and her Twitter. Baby girl has such a BIG personality that we just know she's gonna blow up. We're calling it: Maddie is someone to watch for sure!

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