LOL! Matt McGorry Raps in Hilarious "Bye Felicia" Video

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If you don't already know by now, we find Matt McGorry totally irresistible. From his thoughts on feminism to his overall charm, it's practically impossible to find fault with the guy. That said, it's a good thing he's playing the role of his How to Get Away With Murder character Asher Millstone in the video for rap song "Bye Felicia," or we'd be giving him a serious side-eye for taking part in such a blatant display of douchebaggery. But since the insane video (which is included on the show's DVD set bonus features) was clearly inspired by Asher's entitled, know-it-all perspective, not only is it spot on, it's actually pretty hilarious.

On Friday, Matt shared the video on his Facebook page with an appropriately smug caption. "Here I am as Asher Millstone in the "Bye Felicia" music video," he wrote. "iTunes number 1 slot besta vacate. ‪#ByeFeliciaFriday‬."

Hmm ... do we detect a hint of cockiness on Matt's behalf? Maybe, but after watching the video, we're thinking a number one spot isn't too ambitious. In the clip, Asher takes us on a blinged-out, frat house adventure as he hangs with his Aviator-sporting bros and busts out his best body rolls and pelvic thrusts, all while surrounded by cash, girls and yes — even more bros.

Seriously though, we're not even sure he knows what he's rapping about half the time although the obvious point is to dismiss the haters who Asher assures us are "frontin'" and "throwin' shade." Oh, and we're still trying to recover from the line, "Did I make her Cum Laude?/Ask my neighbor 'bout that."

The video is obviously entertaining to say the least, but we were less than impressed that after all of his showboating, Asher still doesn't understand how mic drops work.

Seriously, Asher?! Get it together or we'll be forced to hit you with the #ByeFelicia.

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