'Girl Meets World' Star Rowan Blanchard Breaks Down Feminism in Brilliant Essay

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When it comes to explaining the ins and outs of feminism, several celebrities can be counted on to add meaningful perspectives to the ongoing conversations about gender equality. But we totally love when young stars express such a profound understanding of the issue.

Recently, 13-year-old Girl Meets World actress Rowan Blanchard broke down feminism on her Tumblr page in response to a follower who asked her opinion on the term "white feminism."

"Row, i wanted to ask your opinion on the term "white feminism" and how common feminism might exclude women of color and non cis/queer women (ex: women are stonger bc they have periods! or men dont have to think about how they dress when in public!)," the reader wrote.

The actress responded with an in-depth explanation, referencing the backlash that took place when Amandla Stenberg called out Kylie Jenner for wearing cornrows as an example of cultural appropriation.
At the UN Women U.S. National Committee 2015 Annual Conference in June, Rowan delivered an impressive speech on gender equality as it relates to young girls and education. After reading her latest brilliant feminist breakdown, we can't wait to see what major pro-women move the young actress makes next.
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