Cambio's Picks: 10 Shows on Netflix You Should Binge-Watch Next

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Because not having a binge-worthy series ready to go is one of the worst feelings ever...

Associate Editor Vivian Tang's Pick: New Girl
The Show in 3 Words: twenty-something, relevant, current
What to Look Forward To: If you're a twenty-something living with friends trying to find your way through the crazy world, you'll love New Girl.
Confessions of a Fangirl: Schmidt is GOLDEN. Nick is a MESS. And I binge-watch the entire series once every 3 months.
#BBG Intern Zeinab Rashed's Pick: The Walking Dead
The Show in 3 Words: suspenseful, emotional, complex
What to Look Forward To: The character development is wonderful. They portray the transition from living normally to living in an apocalyptic world beautifully.
What You'll Find Yourself Yelling at the Screen: RUN! But so does everyone when they're watching something that takes place in a zombie apocalypse.
Social Media Fellow Kristin McNamara's Pick: The Office
The Show in 3 Words: hilarious, ridiculous, mindless
What to Look Forward To: Steve Carrell being laugh-out-loud funny.
OTP: I totally ship Pam and Jim. They are the cutest!
#BBG Intern Stephanie Mark's Pick: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
The Show in 3 words: hilarious, ridiculous, zany
What to Look Forward To: the music video of character Titus Andromedon, and Jacqueline Voorhees' backstory
Record to Beat: It took me two days to watch the show (only 13 episodes!).
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Ellie KemperCo[lab] Manager Kathryn Luttner's Pick: Sherlock
The Show in 3 Words: Benedict f**kin' Cumberbatch
What to Look Forward To: Imagine the wit of Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock with a British accent combined with the script a million times better than the American version: Sherlock is always 10 steps ahead of you, a complete asshole and yet, utterly irresistible.
Fun Fact: The writers listened to the fans and modeled part of the third season based on their input (aka wild conspiracy theories).
#BBG Intern Anah Lewi's Pick: Parks and Recreation
The Show in 3 Words: Amy Poehler, female lead, FUNNY
What to Look Forward To: constant, uncontrollable laughter - even with a diverse cast, it's universally and appropriately funny
Favorite Character: April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) is by far one of the best characters. With her lack of enthusiasm and never-ending sarcasm, she is able to light up an entire room with her dry humor.
#BBG Intern Caitlin Stanton's Pick: Friday Night Lights
The Show in 3 Words: Drama, drama, DRAMA
What to Look Forward To: You know what people say: "Everything's bigger in Texas." That applies to the residents of Dillon as they go through heartache, love affairs, rivalries, and drug use, all while trying to maintain the Panthers' stellar football record.
Eye Candy: Tim Riggins is first portrayed as a semi-delinquent jock who thrives on the violence of the football field but - as he grows closer to *cough, cough* certain characters - his softer, puppy-esque side starts to come out. It also doesn't hurt that they film several shirtless/semi-clothed scenes of him.
Social Media Manager Danielle Datu's Pick: Damages
The Show in 3 Words: ruthless, gripping, complicated
What to Look Forward To: The corruption is too real, but white collar criminals are no match for Hewes & Associates. If you want to get lost in a show, this is it. Patty Hewes will own you.
Warning: Trust no one.
#BBG Intern Olivia Johnston's Pick: Supernatural
The Show in 3 Words: scary, fandom, attractive
What to Look Forward To: an awesome fandom
Ready or Not: This show has so many seasons that it seems to go on forever. You will be satisfied for months!
Program Manager Danielle Letayf's Pick: 30 Rock
The Show in 3 Words: Ti.Na.Fey
What to Look Forward To: Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) eats donuts (and hot dogs...and pizza...and cake), writes jokes and makes a fool of herself. What more could you ask for?
Bae: Kenneth - so sweet and innocent, but also sassy without knowing it!


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