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Let's Address Those One Direction Rumors: Is 1D Breaking Up?

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This year has been a whirlwind ride for One Direction fans. Before 2015, no one had envisioned the five-piece boyband to lose a member, continue on as a four-piece or have the possibility of a breakup so soon. However, since Zayn Malik has left the band, Directioners have been at constant fear that this could be the end. As of yesterday, rumors have circulated that the band will take a hiatus in March to pursue solo projects. Although this is not a "breakup," this just gives me flashbacks to the Jonas Brothers who took a hiatus, and then proceeded to breakup. My heart cannot handle this.
When Zayn left in March, I thought that would be the end. However, Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall stuck around for us. "Drag Me Down" was released overnight, and it broke records beyond belief. The On the Road Again Tour has been making millions of dollars and selling out several nights. The show I went to at Metlife Stadium was sold out completely! This has had Directioners believing that the end was not near, and there was hope for One Direction to continue.

As of yesterday, rumors have begun to circulate that the band will start their hiatus in March to pursue solo projects. What does this mean? This means that there could possibly be no tour for the fifth album, and it could be the end of the boyband's era.

Even though there is a possibility that this could be the end, I feel it is very necessary the boys get a break. They have been touring and recording for five years straight - something no other act does. The group releases an album every year, tours every year, releases perfumes, writes for other artists and promotes sponsors. The boys seem tired, and they are in need of this hiatus. Regardless if the rumors are true or not, this "break" is much needed for the One Direction boys. All I'm hoping is that this won't be like the Jonas Brothers and won't result in a breakup in the end.
For now, these rumors are unconfirmed, but hopefully this is not the end of the era for One Direction. Keep on breaking records boys, but take the break you deserve. We'll just keep on listening to "Drag Me Down" on repeat.
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