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Bring Back the '90s Sitcoms, Please

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As I've mentioned before, I am a teenager, born in the 2000s, but that definitely does not mean that I don't love '90s sitcoms! I actually watch more '90s shows than I watch today's shows. The lessons were better, and they were more realistic. I'm going to tell you the shows I miss the most. I'm not going to lie, I may have cried when I wrote this.
  1. Boy Meets World. This is my all-time favorite show ever. My parents grew up watching BMW, actually being the same age as Cory Matthews, the title-following character. This series teaches absolutely great lessons and presents real life situations! This show has taught me so much and has helped me be happy when I feel sad.
  2. Full House. This is my second favorite show ever. I still remember watching it for the first time on Nick At Nite. I instantly loved it. I will always quote Michelle Tanner, my role model as a child.
  3. Friends. #LIFEGOALS Friends was the best thing to watch in the '90s, and IMO, it still is. I love it so much, and I hope I will have great friendships like theirs when I'm an adult.
Those are my most missed tv shows. Comment below your most missed tv show!
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