Nail the #Flawless No-Makeup Look (Hint: You Need Makeup)

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Posting makeup-free selfies is all the rage right now, and the lazy girls in us couldn't be more excited to utilize this low-maintenance routine in our own busy mornings. But it can't be as easy as it looks, right? We tapped New York City makeup artist Samantha Dametta of the Rouge NY salon to figure out how much work really goes into a natural, no-makeup look.

CAMBIO: Are tons of ladies asking for the no-makeup look in the salon?
SAMANTHA DAMETTA: Yes, the 'no-makeup' makeup trend is very much in right now - especially during the summer months. More and more people are learning to enhance their own beauty without putting too much on. I think it's important for women of all ages to embrace their own beauty instead of conceal it.

Which celeb's no-makeup look do you LOVE?
Blake Lively. She always has fresh skin. Most recently, she's been appearing with less makeup (maybe because of the baby), but always looks sensational!

How long does it actually take to get this look?
For me, it takes 10 minutes. I use a tinted moisturizer (I like Kimiko or NARS) all over my skin - thin enough that my freckles still pop through. Then I fill in my brows and set them by brushing up and outward. Next, I apply a neutral eyeshadow with a little shimmer to it and three layers of mascara for extra volume. Lastly, I throw on a little bronzer for a sun-kissed look, topping it off with a lip gloss. If you're in a hurry, skip the eyeshadow or bronzer. The gist of it is to look like you - on your best day. An I-woke-up-like-this look.

What's the secret to looking #flawless?
The skin is the most important - it's the first thing someone notices. For the perfect foundation application, start with prepped skin. Cleanse, exfoliate, if needed, and MOISTURIZE! I like a dewy finish to my foundation, so I use a serum first for my dry skin (I like Rouge Healing Serum, $32) and then apply a thin layer of tinted moisturizer. If I didn't get much sleep or have acne breakouts, I will add a few dabs of concealer.


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