These Disney Pixar Pancakes Will Blow Your Mind

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Put down that Pop Tart, because you're about to having some serious breakfast envy. YouTuber/breakfast artist DanCakes (a.k.a. Daniel Drake) just turned your favorite childhood movie characters into something even more magical - because, well, he turned them into pancakes.

YouTuber Dan is an expert at painting with pancake batter, and the way he does it is absolutely mind-blowing. Using a variety of colored batters, Dan "paints" the image on a hot pan. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Not exactly: Dan has to make sure that the image looks the way he wants when it's flipped over, which means he's essentially painting the back of the image. It's a totally cray process, and the result is jaw-dropping.

This image is kind of creepy before you see who it really is on the other side...
The pancake looks like a blob of color now, but the detail is actually underneath it. Here's what the other side looks like:
Absolutely ah-mazing.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, these pancakes are completely edible. The batter gets its vibrant colors with an odorless and tasteless food gel, which means pure delicious pancake taste in every bite. Not like you would actually want to destroy these creations, of course: these babies would go in my freezer so I could show them off forever.

Here's the full video featuring a ton of your favorite Pixar characters below.

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