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7 Things All Stationery Addicts Know Too Well

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I know I can't be the only one who has to visit stationery stores at least once a week. If there is anything I spend more money on than food and makeup, it's stationery! For all my stationery junkies out there, here is a list of things we all know too well! #Ifeelyou

1. Pens
My oh my! There are so many options: ball point, gel, hybrid, liquid ink. And you're always looking for the perfect one, and even though you've found one that you love, you still want MORE! #TheStruggleIsReal By now, you have so many that you don't think you'll be able to use them all up. And let's not forget about all the color options!
2. Sticky Notes
My total and complete weakness! I LOVE sticky notes and notepads! There are so many shapes, sizes and patterns. How many sticky notes does a person really need? But they just make taking notes a little extra special.
Motivation words for beautiful life
3. Office Supplies/Craft Stores
These stores are a total "no no" for you. This is because you have two choices, and two choices only: You either walk out empty handed or with an empty wallet. Who needs food anyway? Am I right?
This is the face you get when you walk in:
4. Target Dollar Spot
Lord please have mercy! A dollar for a notepad!?! Could this get any better?! Going to the Target Dollar Spot is dangerous because you'll most likely say to yourself "Oh, it's just a dollar." NOT WHEN YOU BUY EVERYTHING!
5. Washi Tape
This is my newest addiction, Washi Tape has now become the easiest way to make everything prettier. But then again, there are so many patterns and colors to choose from that you want them ALL!
washi tape rolls  masking tape...
6. Planners
You love to write everything down and document it. You've tried using your phone to keep track of your to-dos, but there's nothing better than having it all handwritten in one place.
Teenage girl (14-16) lying on bed, writing on notebook7. Back to School

Most people hate the fact that it's time to go back to school, but you my dear, actually kind of love it. This is because all stores are filled with tons of different products, and it's basically the only time of the year you can somewhat justify everything you buy.
school supplies close up

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