This Is One Thing Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Agree On

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Katy and Taylor have definitely had their beef lately, but one thing these fierce women can agree on is the importance and significance of incorporating technology into their live performances and brand.

In an article from March of this year on, Katy states that, "the cell phone is the new applause." Basically, she won't pull a Jack White on you and scream at you for holding your phone up during her performances:

"I'm with it. I think that, when you see a phone, that is like the new applause. So people used to applaud; now the more phones you see, you can just count it as the amount of applause that there would be...I embrace them mostly as long as they're not obtrusive."

Let's take a look at how Katy, Tay, and other female artists like Britney Spears and Demi Lovato are using technology to make your fan experience even more fabulous.


Katy isn't all talk - she's totally embracing the new jam (pun intended) in music and was even one of the pioneers in the female pop space in doing so. Back in 2011, Katy performed on American Idol wearing a Swarovski-studded suit by CuteCircuit, a fashion wearable technology company.

In recent news, it's been announced that Katy (among many other female stars) has partnered with Glu Games to produce one of her own mobile games. TBD on deets of the release, but we can only imagine the game will be full of bright colors and cotton candy icons. Maybe we'll be able to upload photos of ourselves and try on different colored wig looks?


Taylor Swift has hopped on the technology train, making her concert experiences even more amazing with her gadget additions. Most recently she had concert attendees wear special light-up wristbands, all with customized settings by Taylor herself. The wristbands are coordinated to light up at a certain time, serving as a surprise to the person wearing it. Depending on the preset patterns, the wristbands light up to the music and the people next to you. How cool it that?

Even more awesome, these wristbands recently helped to save some Swifties' lives. After attending Taylor's concert in May, concert goers were driving home when the driver fell asleep at the wheel, causing the car to crash. Unable to get out of the car, the girls used their wristbands to wave down help, and it worked! Tay even tweeted the gals well-wishes.


Demi Lovato officially came out with her own app well over a year ago, and it's been a huge success. The app has a five-star rating and includes exclusive photos, videos, and music. The app becomes even more interactive at her concerts - check out the video below:

Riding the momentum of her tech success, Demi is now releasing a mobile app game (just like Britney, Katy, and the Kardashians.)

Have you used Tay's wristbands or Demi's app? Share your experiences with me on Twitter @ekpochop!


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