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Traveling Is Not Like a MaryKate and Ashley Olsen Movie

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I always imagined my life would turn out like one of the MaryKate and Ashley Olsen movies. I would somehow go abroad and have one amazing adventure after the other. My journey was a bit different. No matter how different it was, I still went places that I never dreamed of visiting.
For once, being the shy and studious student paid off. I was chosen to go to London and Greece as part of of a school trip. The best part? It was free, and my best friend came along. While the weather was not ideal, seeing all of the ruins and the birth place of democracy was life-changing. This was my first trip across international waters.

During that same trip, we spent two days in London. I was already obsessed with British culture, but I became even more so after going. Our hotel was close to the Tower of London, and the people, fashion and just overall lifestyle was fascinating to me. Fangirl all the way! Yet, there was a catch. I did have to write a report and go to different museums and historical sites. I did not complain; it was a trip I will never forget.
My senior year, I was chosen to go to Spain and Portugal. I nearly fainted when I found out that was our destination. It was beautiful and unlike any other place I have visited. Spain had a great modern flair while maintaining their historic roots. As for Portugal, it was aesthetically pleasing. The charm of the city with the amazing food was wonderful.

Throughout college I visited friends in Delaware, New York and Florida. I even spent summers in Puerto Rico with my family. Each trip taught me something about myself. I learned to appreciate what I had in my life as well as the people in it. I learned so much about the world and myself in comparison to different cultures. The best lesson is that deep down, we are fundamentally the same. We are all humans who want love, happiness and peace.
turret at castillo san...My most recent trip, I returned to England for a 10-day adventure with my best friend. We saved until we could afford it. Before we knew it, we were on a plane to London. It was just as life-changing as the last time. It was our first solo European adventure. We did it our way. From the London Eye to visiting towns outside of London to eating fish and chips, we made the most of our trip. I can honestly say that taking a girls trip teaches you plenty about your friends as well as yourself. During that trip, my best friend and I bonded the most because we were in a foreign country on our own. We had to rely on each other. It was the trip of a lifetime.
I hope that one day you can take a trip or many trips to see the world. I promise you will see your own world oh so differently.
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