Zac Efron Struggled to Remember This 'High School Musical' Hit

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What would Troy Bolton think about this?!

While promoting his We Are Your Friends flick, Zac Efron, his costar Emily Ratajkowski and the film's director Max Joseph sat down with Cosmopolitan UK and played a game where they had to ID songs based on their intros.

While the group aced a few songs, like Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love," they all got stumped on one particular hit from High School Musical. As the music played, Zac started smiling and biting his nails. "Oh man...the pressure is on," he said. "Soaring and Flying?." Nope. "Take a Chance?," he guessed again.

"Is that your voice?" Max said, as Zac could be heard singing on the song. "Yes," Zac said smiling, looking baffled. And just before our hearts broke all the way in half, he said with a laugh after several seconds, "Ah, 'Breaking Free!'" Whew.

In High School Musical, Zac (Troy Bolton) and his onscreen love/real life ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella Montez) sang "Breaking Free" on stage to an audience. Trying to explain his flub, he told Max with a laugh, "There's three movies of songs, guys! There's three movies of songs."

Zac Efron Can't Name His Own Song from 'High School Musical'
Fair enough. It's been a long time since Zac was on High School Musical, so, we'll cut him a break this time. If there are any Directioners who double as High School Musical fans though, that might be a different story.

No one in the whole group could name One Direction's "Steal My Girl" when it was played, with Zac saying, "Oh, I would never get that" when the answer was revealed. Yikes! He did say he liked the song, though, either way.


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