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7 Signs You Own Today

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1. You got out of bed today. You did it! Some days just getting up can be the toughest part of any day, and you've already done it. You're killing it!2. You listened to your favorite song today, had a little dance party of one, and it was awesome. You might have to go to school/work later, but a little TSwizzle in the morning really started your day off right.3. You're wearing your favorite outfit, and it's giving you so much confidence, you feel like you can handle anything.4. You've got a great conversation going on with your best friend, the kind that's so good that you can't help but smile at your phone.
5. You ate three normal meals at normal times, and it's making you feel put-together and energized (even though you're pretty sure you live off coffee and peanut butter sandwiches if you had to but you probably wouldn't feel as good).
6. You went to school/work, and you did that thing you were really not looking forward to doing. But you got through the day! Congrats! Now it's time to reward yourself by sitting on the couch and watching Netflix until it's time to go to bed again.7. You've been through a lot, but that's not stopping you from going after what you want today. You've got goals and even though you might have hit a bump in the road, you're still trying your best and going after what you want.
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