Jodie Sweetin Talks 'Fuller House' And Female Cast

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You didn't have to grow up in the '90s to love Full House - my nephews are still watching reruns of the classic show every Saturday morning. For hardcore fans - like Jennifer Lawrence - the news of the reboot Fuller House on Netflix comes as a huge excitement. Get it, JLaw.

The reboot comes with the same nostalgic humor and characters, but this time leads with three females, unlike the original show that had three male leads: Danny, Uncle Jesse, and Uncle Joey. Jodie Sweetin, who plays middle child Stephanie Tanner, reprises her role along with Candice Cameron as big sister DJ Tanner and Andrea Barber who plays the iconic Kimmy Gibler. I had the pleasure of sitting in on Jodie's panel at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago this past weekend, where she talked about the reboot, the unauthorized Lifetime movie, and the importance of learning to love yourself.

While we didn't get any specifics on Fuller House other than what's been officially announced by Netflix (the dirty details are on lockdown), Jodie did share how lucky she is to be on set with her on-screen family again, even though they see each other on a regular basis. The premise of the show focuses on characters DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy all coming together after the death of DJ's husband - similar to the original Full House, where DJ's mother passed and her dad had her two uncles move in with the family.

What is not so familiar, according to Jodie, is the unauthorized Lifetime movie, "The Unauthorized Full House Story." Jodie states, "don't believe everything you see," and pretty much alluded that the film is complete bullsh*t. Coming from the network that cancelled the fantastic Witches of East End, I'm not surprised. #TeamAuthorizedFullHouse

The shift to an all-female lead for the Fuller House reboot is on-trend with the entertainment industry's continued focus on #fiercefemales, with new shows releasing this year like Supergirl and Blindspot. The show will most likely tackle issues that women in particular deal with, which should be a refreshing spin on the original show.

While praising her time spent on Full House, Jodie talked about the struggles she had growing up in the spotlight and finding work after the series' end. Dealing with several slammed doors post-Full House, Jodie stated, "If you don't like yourself, this industry can tear you apart. I had to learn to love myself."

We can all take a note from Jodie's book and learn to be happy with who we are. #HatersGunnaHate

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