Kylie Jenner Surprises a Fan With a Super Sweet Gift Bag

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Remember when Kylie Jenner said there's a whole different side of her that she doesn't show on Instagram? Well, we just got a little sneak peek at that hidden side and we wish she would show it more, although the fact that she doesn't is even more admirable because she's clearly not one to brag about the nice things she does.

One of Kylie's fans, who goes by the name Johnny Cyrus on Twitter, shared this amazing video showing off the sweet (literally!) package that Kylie had sent him.

"About a week ago, Kylie DM'ed me on Twitter and she said 'what is your address?' so obviously I gave Kylie Jenner my address...and about four days later, I received a package in the mail," he explains. And guess what? Yep! It was from Kylie!

In the huge gift bag were a whole bunch of sweet treats from Sugar Factory, including lollipops, Airheads, Spree, Sour Patch Kids, a Ring Pop and a signed card from the reality star herself.

She also gave him some other cool things, like two pairs of socks from Arthur George (Rob Kardashian's sock line) and a "Kylie's My Fave" t-shirt, because...duh!

When Johnny thanked Ky on Twitter, he lamented the fact that people probably wouldn't report on it because they only want to cover negative stuff....and Kylie's response was EVERYTHING: She knows the drill and she legit didn't care whether her act of kindness got any kind of publicity or not. When you do something from the heart, it's doing it that makes you happy, not the kudos. She didn't need to advertise that she did this, she just did it because she wanted to and we love her even more because of it...even if we are a TINY bit jealz of all the awesome stuff Johnny got!

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