This Group Proved They Don't Get Body-Shaming by Photoshopping Celebs Skinnier

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Real talk here: have you ever heard a celebrity get slammed for looking fit or slim? Nope, neither have I - though I have seen plenty of tabloids blasting celebs for "packing on the pounds," "eating their post-breakup feelings," or having the "worst bikini body of the year." The fact is, the world praises skinny, toned bodies and barely tolerates ones that don't fit the traditional look. The people behind this new web project must live in an alternate reality because Project Harpoon is photoshopping bigger women thinner to "combat skinny-shaming." Remind me when that became a societal problem?

Project Harpoon is "fighting back" against our culture of "fat acceptance," which founder Nick Baskins believes does ridiculous things like give women realistic bodies video games. According to dear, delusional Nick, seeing images of overweight women who don't conform to a slim ideal encourages people to abandon healthy living and exercising, because simply seeing an overweight person makes you no longer care about your own well-being.

Nick's insists that the point of this project is that being obese is not healthy, and therefore images of obese people should not be considered "beautiful." That's wrong on so many levels: being obese may be a health risk, but so are a whole lot of other things, many of which have nothing to do with ones size. In fact, many people can "slim down" in ways that are far more dangerous than staying at a higher weight. Health and weight don't always go hand-in-hand, so why are we shaming obese people for their alleged poor health?

Project Harpoon suggests that women shouldn't feel or look beautiful when they are bigger because of their alleged "unhealthy weight," but that's total crap: everyone has the right to embrace their beauty, no matter what the scale says. It's pathetic that Project Harpoon is attempting to take away the very small sphere that bigger women get to show off their beauty - way to body-shame, you guys.

There is good news here: Project Harpoon's Facebook and Instagram account were shut down by both sites, because apparently not everyone sees the value in this photoshopping venture. The only thing that needs to be harpooned in this case is the site's bizarre body-shaming ideology.

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