This Model is Considered "Too Big" For the Fashion Industry, Despite Being Underweight

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The fashion industry has long been criticized for its use of very skinny models and in turn for creating a culture where extreme thinness is the norm. Now, a former model is speaking out about just how ridiculous the fashion industry's standards are for their models in a pretty brave way - by putting her own body on display.

19-year-old Swedish model Agnes Hedengard posted a video explaining that her very thin body type is now considered "too big" for modeling work by some of the biggest agencies in the market. One look at Agnes' thin frame and it's pretty unbelievable that someone would ever tell her to lose any amount of weight, but that's what leaders in the modeling industry suggested she do. Agnes has worked in the industry for the past five years, but was just recently told that her measurements no longer match up with their standards and that her butt and hips are "too big" for the typical model.

It really makes you wonder: exactly how do these people want models to both be healthy and that thin?! The reality is, so few people have a body as naturally slim as the fashion industry wants its models to be. Agnes' body mass index is a 17.5 - a healthy weight ranges from an 18.5 to a 24.9. That means that the industry wants to hire women who are even more underweight - and that's incredibly troubling.

We know that there is immense pressure on models to stay skinny, but Agnes' video shed light on just how thin the fashion industry wants them to be. It's dangerous to encourage women to aspire to a nearly-skeletal ideal in order to secure jobs, and it's about time that we saw a range of healthy, beautiful body types in the industry. No one should feel pressured to whittle down to nothing just to keep up with ridiculous body standards.
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