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10 College Expectations That Don't Exactly Equal Reality

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Ah, the sound of college brings on the memories of an unforgettable experience. NOT! College is not what is perceived in movies like Accepted (2006), Animal House (1978) and Sydney White (2007). When you think about college, and I mean really think about those four years of education that you will need in the future, you will realize that it's not all rainbows and butterflies. College is meant for succeeding, and if succeeding is in your future, then college is for you.

As a current college student, I came in with plenty of reality checks. I am happy to share them all with you and deface the expected from the reality of college life. These four years were genuine but very hard.

1. Acceptance
Sure, we all wish to be accepted into the best schools out there, but what I have learned from many of my professors is, it doesn't matter where you go, as long as you feel accepted by the school. When it comes to the ACT/SAT/GCSE, etc., the scores really do matter. Some colleges and universities are turning away from the scores, so they can see more of the potential in the students that wish to attend their school. Acceptance into a school is not a happy dance, and no one breaks into song. To be frank, many students who do get accepted - I've received this myself - get hated on. Many students were told by friends to stay nearby or to not attend university at all. What I am simply saying is, when you do get accepted, don't tell everyone you know.

2. Greek Life
I have never been in a sorority, so I don't really have much to say. However, there is more truth than expectation. The truth is, many sororities are stuck up, but some are nice. The sorority/Greek life is not what is show in movies like The House Bunny or Legally Blonde. Many of these groups will collaborate for many causes and charity work. There is no competition.

3. Cliques
Going back to what I said about sororities, cliques still exist, and they're everywhere. When I first attended a private college for a semester, I immediately discovered that the friendly environment I thought the school possessed had been a lie all along. Cliques are known to be even worse in college, and that is the truth. It does depend widely on who you become friends with.

4. Dormitory/Student Living
Sure, there are parties in dorms, but they're actually held outside, believe it or not. If you think about it, the average dorm room is the size of a closet, literally. How does one manage to fit over 200 people in one room and not get into trouble? Dorms are constantly locked, and security is around the buildings 24/7. There is no way of getting in without a key or an ID.

5. Class Load
The meaning of college is to have fun, enjoy yourself and create memories - not cram yourself. Class load is a common problem. We all want to graduate, but graduation is not a race. Some schools are now beginning to offer three-year programs, which means you are able to graduate early; however, this is only available to a few select majors/areas of study.

6. Free Time
Believe it or not, free time does exist in college. However, the free time needs to be balanced with your school work, job, bills and many other things. Before doing anything fun this semester, make sure to stay on top of everything. College can be scary, but it can also be enjoyable.

7. Love at "First" Sight

Love exists, yes, it does. It is also hard to find. What most think happens is that they will always stay with their high school sweetheart. That doesn't always happen. It is more than likely you will meet your "love at first sight" in college. But that does not guarantee you will last until you both graduate.

8. Drama
Drama, it still exists. College still revolves around old problems, even before high school. As I said before, watch who your friends are.

9. Friends
They always say you will remain friends with those you met in high school, but your true friends are the ones you will meet in college. Sometimes, those friends you meet in college, will leave, but new ones always come.

10. Graduation
I have yet to experience graduation, but with the right attitude, you can get the same ending as those depicted in movies - minus the promise for a job after college, the grudges, and the "We will miss you! Please write!" sentiments.

Those are the realities of college, good luck to all incoming freshman and classes entering soon!
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