Pregnant Teen Presumed Dead Reportedly Wakes Up in Grave, Pronounced Dead For a Second Time

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A family in Honduras has literally been to hell and back after having to bury their pregnant 16-year-old relative — twice. According to Seventeen, the absolutely terrifying account of Neysi Perez's death began last week when the teen, who was three months pregnant, heard gunfire near her home and subsequently lost consciousness. Shortly after, she was pronounced dead. Doctors believe she suffered an extreme panic attack, which caused her heart to stop beating. Neysi's family proceeded to make burial arrangements and eventually laid her to rest, not yet realizing that she was still alive.

As reported by The Telegraph, when Neysi's husband Rudy visited her grave site the day after her burial, he heard screams and cries for help from inside the tomb that contained his wife's presumably dead body. Seventeen reports that additional accounts of "muffled sounds" were also confirmed by cemetery workers. The Telegraph posted chilling video footage from Primer Impacto, which shows Neysi's relatives breaking into the coffin to rescue the teen, whose unresponsive body bore bruised fingertips and was said to be warm at the time she was retrieved from the grave.

Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain. Although medics arrived to the scene and transported Neysi to the hospital, she was later pronounced dead for a second time.
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