3 Ways People Are Making Money From The Ashley Madison Hack

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By now, you've probably heard of the Ashley Madison hack. If you haven't, here's the short version: Ashley Madison is a website where people sign up to find other people with which to have an affair or one-night stand. The site's tagline is, "Life is short. Have an affair."

Over 37 million users' information was released by the hackers, who call themselves "The Impact Team." While most of the public is entertained by the fact that tons of cheating assholes are now revealed, this situation poses an even bigger question: is our online data ever safe or protected? What if The Impact Team decided to hack into Facebook? Or Twitter? Or Amazon?

Yes, most of your information is public, but what if your credit card information, social security, home address, and more PII (personal identifiable information) was released for the whole world to see? The Ashley Madison hack unveiled thousands upon thousands of email addresses, many with .gov or .mil, meaning tons of government officials/authorities were signed up on the site.

I'll stop freaking you out now and lighten things up a bit. Aside of the serious threats this scandal poses, there have been some pretty hilarious things companies have been doing to take advantage of the scandal:

1. 1-800 Flowers

They came out with a special "Ashley Madison" deal with prices upon request. The bigger the affair(s), the bigger the bouquet, I suppose.

2. Opulent Jewelry

Mocking the AshleyMadison.com photo banner, Opulent Jewelry came out with their own coupon code for hacker victims, #JUSTINCASE.‚Äč

3. Freelance Developers

Freelancers are having a heyday with "victims" from the hacking scandal, posting ads on Craigslist with (probably) broken promises of wiping their Ashley Madison user account, hiding the fact they were ever on the site. Some of the victims are even posting ads for hire on Hackers List.

I'll leave you with this - it isn't ad, but it's freaking hysterical.

What are your thoughts on the Ashley Madison hacker scandal? Tweet me @ekpochop.


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