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Ever Had One of Those 'I Should Have Stayed Home' Moments?

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We've all had embarrassing moments in life, whether it's starting your period early and not having your "products" handy or passing the ball to the other team during your P.E. class (aka Public Embarrassment, amirite?). But we all go through things in life that we just have to overcome, so I decided to share with you some of my embarrassing stories.

A Bumpy Ride
This one happened when I was about 5 or 6, so cut me some slack. Ever since I was little, I have always had really bad car sickness, especially in the mornings. After a field trip with my kindergarten class to the pumpkin patch, I didn't feel so well on our way back to the bus. I sat down next to my teacher on the bus who would not stop talking to me. As an innocent kid, I just nodded to every question she asked. After about 15 minutes of her non-stop talking, I threw up my whole peanut butter sandwich all over her. All I can remember her doing is telling the bus driver to pull over, while the whole class laughed at me. Ever since that day, I always remember to bring a paper bag just in case!

That Feeling of ARRRG!
Another one of my throw-up stories - I promise, this is the last one. I was in fifth grade at my school's Halloween party, and we were on a sugar high after eating loads of candy along with two bowls of Pirate's Booty. About two hours into the party, I didn't feel too well but was too shy to ask to go to the bathroom, so I sat away from everyone. My best friend at the time came up and asked if I was OK. After repeatedly telling her that I was fine and just wanted to be left alone, I threw up right in front of her, my whole class and my teacher. My teacher had to evacuate all the students for cleaning, and I was sent home. I'm in high school now, still getting teased about it. In case you were wondering, I haven't eaten Pirate's Booty since.

Forever Alone
Fifth grade was definitely not my year. My little sister (first grade) and I used to take the bus to go home from school. My crush (we'll call him Mason) also took the same bus. I absolutely loved this boy, and he was my first crush. My sister and I were arguing about something one day and being the oldest, I won. For revenge, my sister announced to my crush that I was completely in love with him. The next day, everyone stared at me and teased me. Now in high school, I switched to a different school in another town, not knowing that he was attending the same new school as I was. I should right a song about this. Oh wait, Taylor Swift already did.

This isn't one of my embarrassing stories, but my aunt's that I witnessed. My family and I decided to go to the beach one summer afternoon. This particular beach is in the middle of nowhere, so there aren't too many bathrooms nearby. When we finally reached a bathroom, my aunt had to go really bad, but the ladies' room was occupied, so she entered the men's room because there wasn't anyone around. When she came out, a guy was waiting to use the restroom. She walked away with the guy giving her a confused glare.

Guess Who's Not Preggars This Month?
I wore white shorts one day at school. You know where this is going.

No Espagnol???
In Spanish class, I had to do a 10-minute presentation speaking Spanish. It's a very large class. I'm pretty shy, and I completely froze speaking nothing but gibberish. I nearly cried when everyone started laughing.

Hey, Look What I Can't Do!
I went roller-skating for the first time last year with a few of my friends. There were a bunch of kids from my high school - I was a freshman at the time - including the cute juniors and seniors. As I was trying to make a cool trick on my skates, I fell flat on my face. I was wearing a dress, too!

Bye Felicia!
Another face-plant story for me is the time my best friend (at the time) nearly killed me in P.E. class. We were dancing around the gym being typical immature seventh graders. She decided to spin me around, and I fell, chipped my tooth and had a minor concussion. That tooth will never look the same again. Safe to say, we are no longer friends.

Lifetime Movies Be Like...
My last story is probably the funniest. Last year, another friend of mine and I were walking home from school in the pouring rain. A car made a huge, loud "popping" noise. We both screamed and ran. I clearly must be watching to many Lifetime movies, making my imagination run wild, because my first instinct was to squat down to the ground, thinking it was a gunshot. It was a puddle.

Those are all my epic embarrassing stories - so far! In conclusion, we all go through pretty humiliating things in life. But hey, just make sure you eat breakfast before a road trip, don't overdose on Pirate's Booty, don't tell your sister whom your crush is, don't go in the men's restroom, never wear white shorts (no matter what time of month), take French instead of Spanish, don't even try to impress guys, and never trust your best friend as a dance partner. Also don't let Lifetime get inside of your head. Follow those rules, and you shouldn't be a disgrace to society as I was.

Share you embarrassing stories in the comments below!
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