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All the Feels You'll Go Through at a Taylor Swift Concert

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If you haven't gotten the chance to experience Taylor Swift's 1989 tour in all of its glory, don't worry. I'm not going to say you're not missing out on much (ahem, because you actually are). But I've got you covered with the roller-coaster ride of feels you'll go on. If you're a Swiftie and know exactly what I'm talking about, then get ready for lots of "YAAAAAS" and "PREACH!!"

It's the morning of, and you've never been more excited in your life to ditch Netflix and face the sunlight.
You've been preparing your "Bad Blood" outfit and lit-up Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson cardboard cut-outs for weeks now. The day has finally come for you to show off how SWIFTIE AF you can be.
You arrive at the venue with the squad because this is the place to be at for #SQUADGOALS. Game faces are on, and you've never felt more ready for this night.
You're trying so hard to remain calm, cool and collective as you make your way to your seats, but you lose it because really you're just like..
You don't even want to sit down or leave your seat to spend $7 on a water bottle because Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy and HAIM are opening the concert. I REPEAT RELEVANT PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY HAVE AWESOME SONGS, TOO!
The opening acts finish performing and now it's time to wait...and wait...and wait...
Then "Feel So Close" comes on, and you know this is it. This is the song that comes on right before bae is about to take the stage. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.
The New York City skyline appears as the background for "Welcome to New York" and then out of the heavens (or under the stage) emerges the BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING ANGEL THAT IS TAYLOR FREAKING SWIFT. WHAT IS AIR? -passes out-
Your squad is looking at you like, "Are you good, gurl?" NO, you're not, but you get it together anyways. Taylor starts playing all your favorites that you dreamed of hearing live, and you can't stop screaming every single lyric to "New Romantics," "Blank Space," "I Knew You Were Trouble," "Out of the Woods" and oh my, so much more!!
At this point, you probably need an oxygen mask because breathing has become foreign. There's too much going on, and you want to take it all in. There are the remixes, abs-mazing backup dancers, the beautiful scenes going on behind Taylor, the fireworks, the audience lit-up in synchronization and the outfit changes, which are EVERYTHING. I CAN NOT.
Taylor starts to sing "Style," and you know she is not going to be alone on that catwalk. Taylor brought out her "BAD BLOOD" SQUAD DRESSED IN THEIR "BAD BLOOD" OUTFITS at the show I was at. NBD!!! As if a heart attack wasn't already at a greater risk at that point, she then introduces the U.S. WOMEN'S SOCCER TEAM. Talk about fierce and bada** women all on one stage! Once again, NBD!!!
You're thinking to yourself, there's nothing more she can do that can top this night. She's done it all! LOL, NOPE. This is Taylor we're talking about. She is the most magical fairy, who makes all your wishes come true. Of course she's going to have someone join her on stage for a duet. At my show, it was the Weeknd and yep, I really could not feel my face...or my legs.
But what is a Taylor Swift concert without a heart-to-heart with her fans? She's making you feel like you're actually in her apartment having the same convo as you bake cookies together.
It's now time to "Shake it Off," but you're sobbing because this is the last song of the night, which means that after this, the concert will officially be over! You proceed to shake off the haters and dance like you DGAF who's watching.
Taylor is taking her cute bows and saying goodbye to everyone. You don't even know what to do with yourself right now. Can you even move? All you can do is reflect back on all the magic that just took place.
You get home, and everyone asks how the concert went. You don't even know where to begin, nor do you want to. They'll think you're insane, but really they just won't understand!
You're now in bed, finally ready to end the night you'll always remember. You know this isn't the end because after this, post-T-Swift-concert-depression will kick in. You won't ever be the same again...

until her next album comes out of course.
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