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Switching to a Vegan Diet? You'll Want to Read This First

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*G A S P!* "You don't eat meat!? You must be starving."

This is a pretty common response I get after telling a friend I'm vegan. It doesn't matter whether I call it plant-based or cruelty-free, most people just don't get it! Let me explain why I chose a vegan lifestyle with these three reasons:

1. Health
Despite common belief and what the media implies, animal protein is not superior to plant protein. You can get enough calcium, protein and iron from a plant-based diet! Think starches like rice and potatoes supplemented by leafy greens! Don't forget delicious smoothies and acai bowls.
healthy green smoothie made...
2. Wallet $
I love animals, so it's safe to say I don't want to spend $60 on steak at a restaurant. A vegan diet is much less expensive considering items like rice, potatoes, apples and bananas are less costly. You know what that means, more money to spend on things you love!
vegan chocolate tart with...
3. Environment
I sometimes fell asleep in my environmental science class, so I'll keep this one short. It's simple: The production of meat consumes wheat (something humans can eat), water, electricity and gas for transportation.
plant tree in ground with root.I hope that these three reasons will help you understand why people all over the world are choosing a plant-strong life! Consider having oatmeal and fruit for breakfast. Ditch the cow's milk and try coconut or hazelnut. I promise you, I'm not starving! I'm enjoying delicious meals that make me feel great, saves me money and helps the planet.

Check out the video to see what Cam from "CamAndNina" eat in a day. (It's one of my faves!)

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